Dell EMC Vscale Architecture

The gold standard, modular, grow-as-you-need architecture for building modern, scalable and flexible data centers.

Architecture for a modern, modular, unified data center

Vscale Architecture incorporates the market-leading portfolio of converged platforms and compute, storage and data protection extensions; a common network fabric; and an over-arching management tool. This optimizes your data center for service delivery and business continuity, lets you add resources incrementally, minimizes operational effort and lowers IT cost.

Converged Platforms

The Dell EMC portfolio of converged blocks, racks and appliances modernizes and transforms data center environments to meet business’ evolving and dynamic demands, reduce costs and enable IT staff to shift their focus from maintaining infrastructure to delivering innovative business value.

Network Fabric and Extensions

The Dell EMC Vscale Fabric incorporates Cisco LAN and SAN switches and optional software-defined networking technology. This provides an elastic and highly scalable resource-sharing environment across Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems and Dell EMC Vscale Fabric Technology Extensions with compute, storage and data protection.

Management Software

Dell EMC Vision Intelligent Operations software enables standardized, more efficient, continuous processes for managing the health, firmware/software release levels and security of Dell EMC converged platforms, network fabric and extensions altogether as a single pool of resources.

VxBlock System and Vblock Systems Overview

Blocks, Racks and Appliances Unifying Network and Shared Resources Unified Health and Life Cycle Management

Dell EMC Vblock and VxBlock Systems converge best-in-class Cisco compute and networking, Dell EMC storage and VMware virtualization. These market-leading systems assure performance and continuity of the most demanding mixed workloads at scale, including mission-critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, Hybrid Cloud or VDI, while simplifying data center operations.

Dell EMC VxRack System 1000 is a hyper-converged rack-scale engineered system with tightly integrated software for automated provisioning, simplified management and robust reporting. The system quickly deploys Infrastructure-as-a-Service and/or Private Cloud architectures for a variety of application workloads while improving overall agility and efficiency.

Dell EMC VxRail Appliance is built on VMware Hyper-Converged Software and is fully loaded with Dell EMC mission-critical data services, including replication, backup and cloud tiering. The appliance’s hyper-converged compute, storage, virtualization, and management deliver an all-in-one IT infrastructure transformation solution for a wide variety of applications and workloads.

Dell EMC Vscale Fabric, is a high-bandwidth, spine-and-leaf/core-and-edge network based on Cisco’s Nexus and MDS switches that provides seamless workload mobility, disaster recovery and high availability across Dell EMC converged systems.

Dell EMC Vscale Fabric Technology Extensions let you quickly and flexibly increase processing power or add storage capacity and data protection without typical technology risks.

Vscale Fabric Technology Extensions are based on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS); Dell EMC® XtremIO®, VMAX, VMAX3®, VNX2® and Isilon® storage; and EMC® Data Domain, Avamar®, RecoverPoint and VPLEX® data protection.

Dell EMC Vision Intelligent Operations is multi-system management software that helps improve data center operational efficiency and assure infrastructure health, stability, optimization, and security.

Architectural-aware health and performance monitoring lets you manage systems as a unified, agile pool of resources.

Compliance scans assess current firmware/software release levels and download pre-tested updates and patches, so you can fix bugs and enhance infrastructure performance and functionality with less effort and without the risk of outages.

Compliance scans also assess hardware and virtualization settings and vulnerabilities, so you can maintain a security-hardened posture daily with less effort.

Vision Intelligent Operations

Health and Life Cycle Management software for converged and hyper-converged infrastructure systems that simplifies and improves IT operations processes

Keep your data center/hybrid cloud environment healthy, stable, optimized, and secure

Vision Software has the intelligence and visualization to keep infrastructure healthier, always upgraded with the latest releases, and security hardened.

Keep infrastructure healthy

Get faster insight about workload/system health and utilization to proactively maintain operating level objectives and service level agreements.

Keep Infrastructure Stable and Optimized

Upgrade system firmware and software releases with less effort, less risk and without interrupting your application workloads.

Keep Infrastructure Secure

Take only minutes versus hours, days or weeks to pinpoint and eliminate vulnerabilities, and maintain a stronger security posture daily.