Quickly Migrate a database test system to Sybase ASEase

Fast track the migration of a test system from any SAP-supported database to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE). Our database migration software and service package can help you rapidly evaluate the performance and functionality of your database, test its integration with your IT infrastructure, perform basic administrative tasks, and more.

Cloud3Concepts offers a full range of Networking Solutions including but not limited to

  • Execute a test migration for a productive, three-tiered system landscape
  • Rely on a single source for data acquisition, management, and maintenance
  • Benefit from increased efficiency, reduced complexity, and lower operating costs
  • Gain hardware, platform, and vendor independence Leverage application
  • functionality that is performance-optimized for ASE
  • Tailor your solution by selecting or de-selecting migration tasks

What’s included?

  • Planning workshop: Preparation of a project plan (PoC and high-level plan for one productive 3-system landscape) (included)
  • The key tasks include depending on the RDS booking
  • DBA training (included)
  • Preparation of source and target systems*
  • System copy and EHP5 installation*
  • Transport the migration data to the target system optional
  • Install migration tools and perform export of source system database possible to combine with Unicode conversion*
  • Generate the target database and load the export data in the target database*
  • Post processing and follow-up tasks after OS/DB migration according to SAP migration guide*
  • Basis system checks (no functional or application tests will be performed by SAP*
  • Documentation of OS/DB migration *
  • Provide hardware*
  • Sizing and performance tuning*
  • Interface system migration and configuration of connected systems*
  • New or additional front-end component installation*
  • Installation of SAP software on target system*
  • Unicode conversions*
  • Installation of the database software in the target system*

Asterisks items can be added to the scope of work for an additional fee.