SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) solution accelerates, automates and simplifies procure-to-pay processes for goods and services. With SAP SRM, you can minimize procurement costs, build collaborative supplier relationships, better manage supply bases, and improve your bottom line with innovative offerings and a faster time to market.

Maintaining and coordinating purchasing is crucial in managing supply costs. SAP Supplier Relationship Management software offers the necessary tools to simplify and automate purchasing activities to easily align with specific contract and buying guidelines.

SRM Self-Service Procurement

Efficient Sourcing and Purchasing are essential to the success of an organization. SRM Self-Service Procurement provides the functionality to quickly and cost-effectively empowers employees to easily procure goods and services, approve requisitions and minimize risks

  • Create, process and monitor confirmations
  • Process accounts payable invoices
  • Access and browse from Online catalogs
  • Manager approves shopping cart
  • Request goods via shopping cart

SRM An Operational Sourcing

SRM is an Operational Sourcing solution which empowers you to quickly receive, request and review procurement bids from numerous suppliers electronically to meet dynamic employee sourcing needs. It helps purchasing team to compare bids, select winning bid and enables creation of follow-on document such as PO or contract.

  • Issue request for quotation (RFQ)
  • Submit quotation & bid response
  • Select quotation and award bid winner
  • Generate an operational report and analyze key performance metrics
  • Confirm participation
  • Compare bids
  • Create follow-on Documents
  • Approve purchase requisition/Shopping Cart

SRM Integrated Contract Management

Efficient Contracting and Purchasing are essential to the success of an organization. SRM Integrated Contract Management provides the functionality to quickly and cost-effectively manage all types of contracts from beginning to end.

  • Complete or create on operational Central Contract
  • Create or update Master Agreement and Contract Document
  • Publish Master Agreement
  • Use Central Contract conditions in each back-end system
  • Create distributed an operational Central Contract in ERP
  • Monitor expiring contracts
  • Request goods via purchase requisition and or shopping carts
  • Negotiate and approve Master Agree