Development and runtime environment for SOA compliant SAP Composite Applications To optimize business processes Enables shorter development and implementation times

CAF has integrated development tools, methods, services and processes, an abstraction layer for objects, and libraries with predefined user interfaces and process patterns.

CAF stands for Composite Application Framework and provides a development and runtime environment for SOA compliant SAP Composite Applications.

CAF has a model-oriented architecture. In addition, data sources are represented as abstract models. This means shorter development and implementation times for new applications and business-process-oriented integration.

The integrated collaboration framework also offers the possibility to link services and objects of the SAP NetWeaver components with business objects.

CAF also provides integrated tools for designing user interfaces and business workflows guided procedures.

Guided Procedures is an application-friendly user interface for the design phase and process visualization of workflows for runtime. The advantage: business processes can be adapted at any time via this interface.

The object access layer is used to separate repositories from underlying systems of business objects and processes. The advantage of this is that the Composite Applications are system-independent. The communication of the connected systems runs via the object access layer as a central interface via WebServices and SAP XI Exchange Infrastructure.

Composite applications are independent of other components to SAP NetWeaver or to external service providers because the CAF allows business objects from different independent data sources to be made available.