SAP Business One is a high-powered, scalable business management system which integrates all core business functions across your entire company. It provides managers with access to critical real-time data, enabling you to make quicker, better decisions to help grow your business.

SAP Business One is an integrated, affordable, business management solution built ground up to meet the immediate and long-term needs of small & midsized businesses (SMBs).It provides a true and unified view of operations across customer relationship management, manufacturing, and finance. Simple to use yet powerful, SAP Business One puts business users in charge, arming them with the critical, up-to-the-minute information you need to make smart business decisions.

Benefits of SAP Business One

  • Increased revenue - easy access to complete, real-time view of your business to make better decisiveness, faster
  • Minimize costs - no more costly upgrades and recurring customization.
  • One complete solution - manage your core business functions, including financials, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory and operations.
  • Clear-cut, instantaneous insights & alerts - create up-to-the minute dashboards and business critical alerts.
  • Personalized - improve your employees' productivity with a role-based user experience, built-in learning, analytics and collaboration.
  • Support multi-currency transactions - multi-currency transaction and report capabilities.

Why Cloud3Concepts

Cloud3Concepts is the leading SAP Business One partner with over 20 years experience in implementing and supporting the solution globally.

We have the largest and most experienced international SAP Business One support team in the sector, with all of our support consultants being SAP accredited - bringing you the peace of mind that your matter is being dealt with by the personnel best qualified to do so, 24 hours a day.

We also sit on SAP’s Partner Executive Council, meaning that you can have your say in the future of the SAP software and that you’ll be the first to hear about any future developments of SAP Business One.

In your organization, do different people use different software applications to complete their jobs?

Are there miscommunications or barriers between manufacturing and sales or between other departments?

Do design, production, sales, and marketing teams have trouble collaborating easily and quickly on new product ideas and development?

Do people duplicate efforts? Would teams be more effective and productive if everyone were working from the same set of information?

When looking for financial data, do you request reports from several individuals?

Does it take a long time, or is it complicated, for salespeople to assess how much inventory is available or what’s currently being produced on the shop floor?

SAP Business One, a Business Management Software from SAP specifically for small and midsized businesses, can be a single application for multiple tasks – there’s no need to look at several different systems to get an accurate picture of data and no need to be proficient at several different applications.

Why SAP Business One?
Why is SAP Business One different?
How does SAP Business One help my business?
Why choose SAP Business One from Cloud3Concepts?

SAP Business One can automate manual processes, to greatly reduce the risk of human error further increasing operational efficiencies in small and midsized businesses. When a change is made in one facet of the business, such as inventory, the software can cascade that change through other processes that are affected by it, saving time and resources. And SAP Business One provides one place for collaboration and development, so new products get to market faster. Everyone accesses the same, up-to-the-minute information which was entered only once into the system.

Why SAP Business One?

SAP Business One software is created specifically for small and midsized businesses. It’s a single, powerful application that can help you better manage practically every aspect of your daily operations. It’s affordable, easy to use, and quick to implement. SAP, a world leader in business management software for over 30 years, has performed more than 30,000 SAP Business One installations worldwide.

By implementing SAP Business One, you and your staff can:

Streamline your operations by seamlessly integrating key business processes.
Take proactive control of your business through automatic alerts, workflows, and response to key business events and customer needs.
Customize SAP Business One to support your changing needs and individual user preferences with easy-to-use customization tools.

SAP Business One gives you instant access to your critical business information-precisely when you need it-to run your business. This comprehensive application covers all your core operations, giving you keen insight so you can confidently make informed business decisions.

Why is SAP Business One different?

A Comprehensive Business Management Solution

SAP Business One supports every critical business function, allowing you to stay on top of your business and grow profitability – a must have for small & midsized businesses. And can be easily adapted to meet new requirements. Nontechnical users have the power to make critical changes on their own, and the system can easily accommodate new functionalities when required.

SAP Business One is an integrated, affordable, business management solution built ground up to meet the immediate and long-term needs of small & midsized businesses (SMBs).It provides a true and unified view of operations across customer relationship management, manufacturing, and finance. Simple to use yet powerful, SAP Business One puts business users in charge, arming them with the critical, up-to-the-minute information you need to make smart business decisions.
Access to Precise, Up-to-the-Minute Information
An easy-to-use user interface that allows you to get answers fast and work more efficiently and proactively

Quickly access accurate, relevant, and complete business information from the desktop with:

Unique Drag&Relate™ feature that instantly places information and transactions in understandable formats and lets you drill down into the information to answer questions and perform what-if analyzes
Seamless integration with Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and Outlook
Decision Makers Are Instantly Notified So, They Can Take Quick and Decisive Action

Automatically keeps you on top of issues that require decisive action with:

Workflow-based alerts to monitor and take action on specific business events Exception management that automatically detects, logs, and reports on exceptions Flexible and Adaptable to Meet Your Current and Future Business Needs Powerful tools let you tailor the application to meet your changing business needs.

For example:

Users can specify their preferences for fields, data type, policies, queries, and reports without time-consuming IT involvement Changes go into effect immediately across all relevant areas, so you can adapt the application to fit the way you do business
An Affordable, Easy-to-Implement Solution

Accelerated implementation times ensure that you quickly realize the full benefits of SAP Business One through such features as:

An intuitive user interface and a Microsoft Windows environment to significantly reduce the learning curve
A simple, single-server architecture that runs the entire SAP Business One solution
Simplified administration capabilities that streamline operation and maintenance and significantly lower ongoing costs
Quick time to benefit, which the solution ensures through reduced modification and maintenance costs and shortened upgrade cycles

How does SAP Business One help YOUR business?

Spend Less Time Running Your Software and More Time Running Your Business.

Your company’s growing fast. Your days are consumed with the flurry of activities it takes to manage that expansion. The last thing you need to worry about is whether your software meets your business needs. With SAP Business One, you can integrate your business, improve customer service, and make more-informed business decisions.

If sales, manufacturing, and accounting are all connected, you’ll save time and money. How? You’ll minimize administrative tasks such as data entry and manual, paper-based procurement. With SAP Business One, you can integrate sales with customer relationship management, accounting, and more. When you connect all of your business solutions, day-to-day details are automated, so your time is free to focus on more important priorities, like growing your business.

Differentiate Your Customer Service with Better Access to Data
It’s essential to keep current customers happy while you attract new ones. Keeping track of who they are, their needs, and which products and services they already use is key. So it’s important to maintain current and accurate information.

Make Great Decisions
Making the right business decisions quickly is essential to the health of a growing company. But to do so requires accurate, up-to-date information. If that information is trapped in piles of paper or inside someone’s head, it’s not doing you any good. Hunting it down will cost you time. SAP Business One can help you aggregate data such as sales figures, inventory, warehouse numbers, pricing, and supplier statistics. And you can create custom reports that help you:

  • Identify where your business is most successful
  • Recognize where you need to do more strategic planning
  • Act more quickly and make better decisions, saving you both time and money With access to these reports, your employees can
  • More easily fulfill large orders by arranging for delivery of necessary components
  • Better time deliveries by pro-actively addressing issues
  • Forecast potential revenue
  • Monitor and analyze sales opportunities
  • Look into the pipeline to monitor new initiatives
  • Plus, you can change reports as your requirements change; for example, you can include additional information when you see areas that need deeper analysis. SAP Business One can support you in making the right decisions for your company’s growth.

Why choose SAP Business One from Cloud3Concepts?

3 Concepts EXPERTISE, our consultants work closely to understand your business functions, processes and procedures, including your business requirements and needs before implementing any solution. We believe this investment is essential in capitalizing on an “out of the box” product functionality to get our customers up and running quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Our full range of implementation services are carefully aligned with SAP Business One to include: strategic planning, defining business requirements, software design, configuration, building, testing, deployment, upgrades, maintenance, optimization and support. The Cloud3Concepts Implementation Methodology applies the PMI standards for the overall project management framework. The framework identifies five key process groups. These key process groups in compliance with the PMI standards are

  • Initiation
  • Executing
  • Planning
  • Controlling
  • Closing

Global reach and presence of Cloud3Concepts allows its customers to benefit from its unique consulting and support model. Partners and Customers of Cloud3Concepts can hugely benefit from the on-site consulting & support resources to get the application easily implemented.

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